Christin Hume

A blog is a useful tool for a budding developer. It helps you internalise what you have learnt. While writing, you can research the topic which gives a clearer understanding. A blog can be used as a reference in the future when you need to go back to a certain topic for clarification. Additionally, you become a better developer and communicator overall. You can also make money while writing as well.

For most developers, developing a blog from scratch can be a daunting task. You’ll probably need a landing page, article pages and to top it all off, you will…

Docker enables us to avoid the ‘its working on my machine’ pit-hole. It packages our application into a sort of box or in other words, container. You can easily run this container in any machine with its contents, i.e environments intact.

This beginners guide aims to assist you in building and deploying a simple Node.js application image. This guide also assumes you have some basic knowledge of node and express framework. You also need to have docker installed on your machine.

Create a Node Application with Express

To create a node app run the command below

npm init

The command above will walk you through setting…


For beginners, hosting a web application can seem like a daunting task. For instance, php developers require knowledge on how to install the LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP) stack just to host a simple php application. Heroku provides a simple approach to hosting applications for beginners and its free, at-least for small applications. In this tutorial, you will learn how to quickly deploy a Laravel application on Heroku. All you need to get started is familiarity with Git, Linux and a Heroku account.

This tutorial assumes you already have Git and PHP installed and since you will be deploying a…

Victor Mwenda

Just another Software Developer. Falling in love with JavaScript sprinkle in Java and add a handful of Docker, Kubernetes and AWS. Perfect recipe.

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